1. All onLime memberships are for a minimum of 7 consecutive days, and a maximum of 90 consecutive days. The period of renewal is the members choice, and that period becomes the contract period. There is no cooling off period.

2. Memberships are non transferable.

3. An onLime membership will expire automatically 180 days after your last membership expires. Your membership does not require cancellation. You have up to 180 days after the last expiry date of your membership to renew without having to pay another joining fee.

4. All memberships are paid for in advance, and there is no direct debit / instalment system available. All membership renewals need to be actioned online via the onLime account toolbox.

5. There is a no suspension policy on memberships.

6. To gain entry into the facility, you must have a valid membership card, your membership must not have expired and/or have been cancelled, must not be suspended, and you must not have any outstanding membership fees.

7. The facility may at times be closed due to public holidays, general maintenance programs or other unforseen circumstances. Where possible, these dates and times will be displayed in the centre for your attention. Classes and services may vary or change due to seasonal or other conditions. There are no refunds or credits issued for such days.

8. You are advised that we have a no refund policy in place.

9. Management reserves the right to suspend or cancel a membership if a member does not behave in a correct and orderly manner, is under the influence of drugs / alcohol, is abusive to staff or other clients, does not adhere to the conditions of the membership, or if you are deemed unfit to use any part of the facilities.

10. Membership will commence and expire as per the details displayed on the membership toolbox. These dates will vary as you renew your membership.

11. Lockers are provided within the facility. We do not accept responsibility for items which are lost, misplaced or stolen from within or outside of the Lockers or the entire facility.

12. A member must be 14 years of age or older to join and utilise the health club services. Members under 18 years of age will require a parent or guardian to consent to their membership.

13. Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times, thongs or sandals are not permitted in the health club.

14. Membership cards must be produced at all times when entering the health clubs or when requested by a staff member. Lost or stolen cards must be reported and a charge of $5.00 is payable for a replacement card.

15. By becoming a member, you acknowledge that you understand the services and facilities you have access to and that you ensure that you familiarise and inform yourself with any terms and conditions that may be associated with any of the facilities and that you strictly adhere to them. In particular this includes the use of solariums and any other tanning equipment. You also acknowledge that the different membership levels offer different levels of access and service at this and all facilities.

16. At all times prior to entering the facility, you acknowledge that you are of sound fitness, and are not doing exercise against your Doctors orders. You acknowledge that should you injure yourself, or get hurt while utilising the services of our facility that you take full responsibility for your actions and injuries.

17. By becoming a member, you confirm you have read, understood and acknowledge that you will adhere to the Membership Terms and Conditions. You also understand that this agreement is legally binding whether your use is limited to one visit (casual) or on a membership plan.

Privacy Policy

This is The Club Group Pty Limited ("TCG") (and associated companies) Privacy Policy. This policy guarantees our commitment to our Customers and Members. This Policy forms part of The Club Group's Terms and Conditions and should be read in conjunction with it.

1. TCG may, at its discretion, retain and access any data or information concerning your use of the Services provided by TCG. This information will usually be in the form of hours used, and visits to the facility, but may contain other relevant information.

2. TCG will store information on its members on its private database for the purpose of contacting its members for renewals, special offers, and marketing.

3. TCG will never disclose Customers personal information or any other information or data held by us about you to a third party unless:
    3.1 there is reason to suspect that unlawful activity has been, is being or may be engaged in, and we disclose this information as a necessary part of our investigation of the matter or in reporting our concerns to relevant persons or authorities;
    3.2 we are required or specifically permitted by or under law to provide this information to an authority or person that is duly authorised to request it;
    3.3 a court order compels us to disclose this information to a specified recipient; or
    3.4 we are otherwise required or specifically permitted by law to disclose this information.
4. TCG will never use or disclose your credit report or any personal information derived from that report unless we are required or specifically permitted to do so under the Privacy Act 1988 or the Credit Reporting: Code of Conduct.

5. As a Customer, you acknowledge that we must cooperate with the lawful requests of members of the police force or any other person duly authorised to investigate breaches of the law, and that we may disclose any information held by us in relation to your account to such authorities if compelled or required to do so.

6. TCG may as part of its monitoring of service reliability and availability record additional information required to assist in this monitoring. This information will always be kept strictly confidential.

7. TCG will maintain all its records for as long as is required by law. All the information will be located in a secure area. If a Customer requires viewing of the information, they will be required to provide suitable forms of identification, and TCG will be the sole authority authorised to accept or reject the request to review the information recorded.

8. TCG is the sole owner of all the information which it collects. TCG will not sell, share, or rent this information to any third party.

Revision 2.10-onlime (March 2009)

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